Try an Evee before you buy an EV. Tesla Model Ys rentals for as low as $209 per day

Try an Evee before you buy an EV. Tesla Model Ys rentals for as low as $209 per day

If you like the idea of going EV, but aren’t ready to take the leap of ordering online, then a really great option is to rent a car, see if it works for you, and then commit to the purchase.

The Tesla Model Y is now available to rent on the car-sharing service evee. You could be one of the first people in the country to try it out. Evee currently has the Tesla Model Y Standard Range Plus available at a number of locations around Australia.

If you’re flexible on dates, you can get in a Model Y for as little as A$209 per day, depending on the location. I was surprised to find a white Model Y available in Regional Victoria (Wodonga), for $265 per day.

For those considering a Tesla, or just wanting to see what all the hype is about, the Model Y offers everything the Model 3 has, but with more space and more storage.

Because evee is a P2P fleet, we have access to the latest vehicles before anyone else. Today the platform has over 30 Model Ys available across Australia and remains the only place to rent one in the country.

“I am so excited that we’ve built a community of EV enthusiasts who want to list the latest and unique cars on our platform. Without the passionate hosts we wouldn’t be able to offer our customers these EVs as soon as they land in Australia!”

evee Founder and CEO Slava Kozlovskii. 

evee is an all-electric car sharing platform, allowing more Australians to experience the joy of driving EVs every day. evee offers Australia’s largest range of electric vehicles for hire, with over 150 cars available across the country, making renting accessible, affordable and safe for both hosts and renters.

evee aims to accelerate the overall adoption of electric vehicles in Australia, by creating a service that connects curious renters with EV enthusiasts. While these rentals earn the hosts an income, they enable everyday people to experience the pure joy of driving an EV.

Autopilot is going to make long driving trips an absolute breeze and the built-in navigation system means I won’t need to use any of my data roaming allowances to get around. On top of that, Hertz only asks that you return the car with at least 10% battery remaining(opens in new tab).

So no hunting down a gas station on the way to the airport, lest you end up with an extortionate bill from the rental company. Gas is expensive enough as it is right now, so I shudder to think what you’d end up paying after returning a car with an empty tank.

But in the weeks since I made the booking, I’ve started feeling a little anxious about renting an EV. Or more specifically I’ve been anxious about the prospect of recharging — a feeling that I’m a little familiar with. I felt much the same right before buying a Nissan Leaf, on account of the fact I can’t install an EV charger at home.


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