The top 5 TikTok accounts you should follow to get smarter

The top 5 TikTok accounts you should follow to get smarter

Many of us spend far too many hours on TikTok and with an endless stream of content available to you, I think there’s an opportunity to spend at least some of that time getting educated, not just entertained.

The following 5 accounts are some of my accounts that help improve my life and I’d love you to leave your suggestions in the comments for TikTok accounts to follow.

1. Designer Tom

This account publishes videos about user interface, and user experience decisions that don’t really matter. It’s tongue in cheek, because Tom knows like we know, that many, many hours of meetings are wasted on these kinds of decisions, which actually doesn’t move the needle for the customer, but sounds like designers are busy.

2. Caleb Hammer

Caleb has a popular YouTube channel and publishes clips from those videos on TikTok. The focus of these videos is something fairly unique, a financial audit of people’s personal finances, which helps others to learn from their mistakes.

This is often a reflection of the lack of financial education that people are getting through school. A key life skill is being missed, with people loading up on debt without a great plan to pay it back.

3. Mike Tholfsen

He may be a Product Manager at Microsoft, but his TikTok game is pretty strong. For those of you in the corporate world, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to get the most out of Teams, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

This is a great example of an account that could help you learn, instead of just being entertained as you endlessly scroll on TikTok.

4. Sam Despo

Sam’s videos are great if you’re looking to discover new web services to help you speed up workflows, create content etc. A lot of the sites and services have very web 2.0 names that aren’t particularly easy to remember, but often have some great utility.

5 – Kirsten Banks (AstroKirsten)

One of my favourite science geeks on TikTok is Astrokirsten. She’s been fantastic at covering the James Web Telescope and it’s not everyday you get to interact with an Astrophysicist.

The joy of learning on TikTok is that the content offers instructional tips and takeaways in a creative format, teaching something useful and inspiring users to seek out more information in a way that is fun and engaging,” said Bryan Thoensen, Head of Content Partnerships, in a press release. “Our community has been drawn to videos that highlight unique science experiments, useful life hacks, creative math tricks, easy DIY projects, and motivational messages and advice.”

With a billion monthly active users, TikTok’s content is as diverse as the people who love it. If you already spend hours a day getting sucked into the app, give some of these accounts a follow. You’ll level up your skills and learn something new from these talented female creators.

perhaps you’ve been on the app for a couple of years and would like to find some new accounts to follow. While the algorithm does a shockingly great job of surfacing videos a user might like, it’s easy to get stuck in a bubble of repetitive content, so you’re seeing the same creators again and again or hearing one trending sound just a little too often.

I spend a lot of my downtime perusing TikTok, and I take pride in the list of accounts I follow. So much pride that I’ve got a sizable list of all the creators I’d recommend following. They range from creators who dole out advice to a forager and even to a heavy metal vocalist. If you’re just starting out on TikTok, these accounts are a great place to start. If you’ve been using it for a while, then unless we have the same algorithm, these accounts will be a good way to freshen up the videos you normally see.

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