Watch: Tiger takes on giant cardboard box full of zoo treats

Watch: Tiger takes on giant cardboard box full of zoo treats

A Malayan tiger at the Tulsa Zoo has entertained thousands of social-media followers by acting like an enormous house cat when presented with a giant cardboard box full of treats.

The accompanying footage shows Tahan, an adult male tiger, almost fully inside the box while playfully trying to open smaller boxes to access items placed inside by keepers.

“What happens when you give a tiger a box?” the zoo asked in its Facebook description, under the title, “Tahan VS Box.”

The zoo added: “Enrichment helps to encourage natural behavior and keep animals mentally and physically healthy. It can include things like toys, smells, or in this case, boxes filled with food!”

Tahan seems to enjoy his time inside the makeshift tent-box while savoring his next moves. At one point, he rolls onto his back, paws up, and ultimately breaks out of the box, whereupon he signals the end of the game and walks past the camera.

“Super fun enrichment,” reads one comment.

“All cats love boxes,” reads another.

As of the time of this post, the video had garnered nearly 45,000 views.

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