‘SNL’: Britney Spears’ baby, Dr. Fauci in Easter-themed cold open: ‘COVID cases are a lot like Jesus’

‘SNL’: Britney Spears’ baby, Dr. Fauci in Easter-themed cold open: ‘COVID cases are a lot like Jesus’


The “SNL” gang tackled everything from Britney Spears’ pregnancy to the resurrection of COVID and this week’s Brooklyn subway attack

In the spirit of Easter weekend, Spears (portrayed by Chloe Fineman), Dr. Fauci (Kate McKinnon), New York Mayor Eric Adams (Chris Redd), former President Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) and U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (portrayed by Cecily Strong), R-Ga., all shared their holiday wishes, among other things. 

“I just pray my baby is born healthy, happy and with the power of attorney,” Fineman’s Spears wished during the opening skit of “Saturday Night Live.” 

“Remember six months ago when everyone was like, ‘We need to get her out of this conservatorship’? And now you’re like, ‘Someone is still going to check on her right?’ ” Fineman’s Spears said. “Well, don’t worry, I’m finally free and I’m having a baby!” 

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On Monday, Spears, 40, announced she was pregnant with her first child with Sam Asghari, whom she’s referred to as her “husband” in recent Instagram posts. 

Pregnancy announcements aside, Strong’s Greene showed up – with a chocolate rifle – to share her concerns that the Easter holiday is getting a “little too LGBQRST for me.” That wasn’t the weirdest surprise appearance, however. 

Jesus Christ, er, Kyle Mooney’s Jared Leto made an appearance, and McKinnon’s Dr. Fauci made a comeback because “COVID cases are a lot like Jesus, they’ve risen again.” 

This time around, two years deep into an ongoing pandemic, Fauci is tired of relaying the same message. “I’m not supposed to say this,” McKinnon’s Fauci joked of those who aren’t vaccinated. “I honestly don’t care what happens to you.”

Redd’s Mayor Adams shared what he considered “the best news of all New York” this Easter: “We got him, we got the shooter.” 

“Sure, it took 30 hours and the suspect turned himself in, but we got him,” he added. “Case closed, subway’s fixed. Ride without fear. And I’m not just holding a press conference about this either, I’m throwing a parade, y’all.” 

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